(Place to enjoy Izuu products)

Have a seat and enjoy a freshly made sushi or two.

We have provided benches for our customers to enjoy our sushi.
It was the idea of the sixth family head to provide “a place where customers can casually enjoy a few pieces of sushi while waiting for their sushi gifts to be prepared.” Our customers can enjoy the vibrant taste of freshly prepared sushi, which can usually only be enjoyed at teahouses. Upon your request, you may order an assortment of different products according to your preference. Therefore, please contact us.


〒605-0084 京都市東山区八坂新地清本町367
[ 電話 ] 075-561-0751
[ FAX ] 075-561-0750
[ 営業時間 ] 11:00 ~22:00(提供時間~21:30)
[ 定休日 ] 火曜日休(祝日・祭事などの際は営業)

Sugata-zushi (Whole-fish sushi)

  • Saba Sugata-zushi
    (Whole mackerel sushi)

  • Kodai Suzume-zushi
    (Small sea bream sushi stuffed in an opened fish)

  • Amadai Sugata-zushi
    (Whole tilefish sushi)

  • Tai-zushi
    (Sea bream sushi)

  • Mi-saba-zushi
    (Mackerel sushi made from white flesh)

  • Hamo Sugata-zushi
    (Whole pike conger sushi)(Summer season only)

  • Yakianago-zushi
    (Roasted conger eel sushi)

Maki-zushi (Sushi roll)

  • Futomaki-zushi
    (Thick sushi roll)

  • Komaki-zushi
    (Thin sushi roll)

Chirashi-zushi (‘Scattered’ sushi) and Mushi-zushi (Steamed sushi)

  • Kyo Chirashi-zushi
    (Kyoto ‘scattered’ sushi)

  • Odaidokoro-zushi
    (Kitchen sushi)

  • Mushi-zushi(Winter season only)
    (Steamed sushi)

Assorted sushi

  • Assorted Kyo-zushi
    (Assorted Kyoto-style sushi)

  • Omatsuri-zushi(Summer season only)
    (Festival sushi)

  • *Upon your request, we can provide an assortment of different products, according to your preference. Therefore, please free to contact us.


  • Yajikita-zushi

いづう 大丸京都店 お召し上がり処

〒600-8511 京都市下京区四条通高倉西入ル立売西町79
  大丸京都店 地下1階
[ 電話 ] 075-211-8111
[ 営業時間 ] 10:00 ~20:00
[ お召し上がり処 ] 10:00 ~14:00 15:00 ~19:30(提供時間~19:00)
[ 定休日 ] 不定休 (大丸京都店に準ずる)

Izuu at the Kyoto Daimaru Department Store offers a waiting area with benches for customers to casually enjoy a few pieces of sushi. Customers can order an assortment of sushi that they like or order other sushi such as Inari-zushi.

  • Saba Sugata-zushi
    (Whole mackerel sushi)

  • Kyo Inari-zushi
    (Kyoto Inari-zushi)

  • Assortment of Saba, Inari and Futomaki


A guide to when to enjoy the sushi

The flavor of Sugata-zushi (whole-fish sushi) nurtured by time

The Sugata-zushi of “Izuu” changes flavor over time, as the umami of the kelp is transferred to the sushi, and the flavors of the kelp, fish, and rice are blended. Unlike Edomae-zushi (Tokyo-style sushi), where freshness is everything, the appeal of Kyoto Sugata-zushi lies in containing and dressing the freshness so that the trinity of flavors, helped by time, becomes concentrated. By enjoying the sushi on several occasions, you will be able to find your preferred level of curing. If you plan to travel distances with the sushi, please let us know, we will prepare the sushi according to when you plan to eat it.

【Sushi immediately after preparation】

The fish and rice will both still be tender, and you will be able to enjoy the distinct characteristics of the ingredients and a light aftertaste. Please enjoy the natural umami of the fish and the light fragrance of the kelp.
(Available at the Main Store and at demonstration sale sites)

【Sushi after 5 to 8 hours】

The umami of the kelp has transferred to the sushi and all the flavors have blended, and the sushi is beginning to take on the flavors of “early-ripened sushi (in the early stage of fermentation).” At this stage, the flesh of the fish has firmed due to the effects of the vinegar, and you will be able to enjoy some bite in the texture.

【Sushi after 12 hours to the following day】

Both the fish and rice have taken on a pleasing texture. Fat filled with the umami of the fish will have risen to the surface and you will be able to enjoy the unique flavors of “early-ripened sushi.” (Available in this condition, when our sushi is purchased outside of Kyoto, other than at demonstration sale sites, and when purchased from our online shop)