Izuu wrapping paper

Reflecting the four seasons of Kyoto
in the palm of your hands.

The paper that wraps our sushi is illustrated with “the hare,” “Mount Fuji,” and “Miho-no-Matsubara.” “The hare” from the name of the founder, Izumiya Uhe, the first; and “Mount Fuji” and “Miho-no-Matsubara” representing our determination to make the No. 1 sushi in Japan. The wrapping paper illustrates our origins which have not changed since our founding.

The printing block for our kakegami, which is used in the wrapping of sushi gifts, has been carefully carved by the hands of craftsmen.

The kakegami, by reflecting the seasons which the people of Kyoto hold dear, expresses our commitment to our customers. Six patterns have been carved in the woodblock – “Miyako Odori” for spring, “Green leaves” for early summer, “Gion Matsuri” for summer, “Daimonji” for the Bon Festival, “Autumn foliage” for fall, and “Snow” for winter. While all six prints are different, they evoke a certain artistry unique to woodblock prints.
Although the shape of the Saba Sugata-sushi does not change throughout the year, customers can enjoy the changing seasons through the kakegami, which is one of the unique charms of “Izuu.” We hope that the seasons of Kyoto will be etched into the minds of our customers along with the sushi, and become a chapter in their memory.

  • Miyako Odori

    March to April: “Miyako Odori”

  • Green leaves

    May to June: “Green leaves”

  • Gion Matsuri

    July: “Gion Matsuri”

  • Daimonji

    August: “Daimonji”

  • Autumn foliage

    September to November: “Autumn foliage”

  • Snow

    December to February: “Snow”